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  1. indirectMW

    Two Laptops... 1 Thread

    My brothers laptop(PSKTNA-02R016 - Toshiba Satellite L50-B02R Computer) My wannabe laptop(PSPQEA-00J00Q - Toshiba Satellite S50-B00J Computer) Hey THW, I come here today seeking advice on my next laptop move. Now here is the run down... My brother just bought laptop a(see first url) and...
  2. T

    Will a Intel Core i7 940XM (Quad-Core)( with 8MB of cache data and 2.3 GHz work on my laptop?

    I am attempting to modify my old HP G42-415DX Laptop that doesn't run video games that well to be a very efficient gaming laptop. I would just usually buy a laptop, but all of the pro gaming laptops cost 1000 dollars, and since I am only 14, I cannot get a job to pay for this. I am attempting to...
  3. TheHazzaaHD

    Laptop suggestions? (MORE HELP NEEDED)

    Hello everyone, I'm ordering a new Laptop tonight and wondered if you have any better suggestions to the Laptop which I have chosen? I'm on a budget around £850 and if you link me anything please make sure it's a UK retailer as prices differ. So the Laptop I think I will purchase later tonight...