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  1. verndewd

    Is this a wifi theft hack?

    PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 23/tcp open telnet Broadcom BCM963268 ADSL router telnetd 80/tcp open tcpwrapped 443/tcp open tcpwrapped 5431/tcp open upnp Belkin/Linksys wireless router UPnP (UPnP 1.0; BRCM400 1.0) 8085/tcp open tcpwrapped Service Info: OS: Linux 2.4...
  2. D

    How to trace a reverse tcp Trojan?

    You might say whoa, but someone I must know tried to prank me by compromising my system using a Trojan. From my experience, it seems like a metasploit reverse connection, assuming it's TCP(cause that most found in tutorials), how to trace back the connection and find the "attacker"? Or is it...
  3. V

    Blue screen of death

    I had a blue screen of death yesterday and I was wondering if anybody knew how I can fix this. The error said: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL tcpip.sys The laptop rebooted back to the login screen afterwords. The laptop has all the drivers up to date and doesn't have any viruses. Plus the...
  4. G

    help with browser privacy

    I care a lot with privacy, and I don't like browsers that do not respect our privacy. but how does it work? usually I use extensions to do that, but I can't prevent the browser from phoning home, meaning, keep TCP connections always active and sending + receiving data btw the browser and the...
  5. A

    how can i get my phone contacts on my lg phone to my gmail account if my phone is literally broken and cant see anything on t

    please i need to get my phone contacts and photos and videos on my tmobile lg li-ion phone android to my gmail account . my phone is literally broken and screen cant see anything
  6. A

    Windows Error "One or more network protocols are missing on this computer"

    Hello Guys, I have a Toshiba C855D-S5209 with windows 10. I have been searching on Google and the Microsoft boards trying to find why this error keeps rising. The LAN seems to be working fine but the WLAN is the problem here. The Wi-Fi speeds are greatly reduced to about half of what I'm...
  7. D

    Windows 7 won't boot in normal mode (Black screen with movable curser after windows logo)

    So I built a new PC a couple of days ago, and everything has been running fine until recently. It started with my PC hanging on a blackscreen upon booting up. I believe it had something to do with a registry clean that I performed with CCleaner early.. After restoring my registry from a backup...
  8. K

    Opera plugin wrapper

    Comes with Opera 12...what is it? and why does it need HTTP, HTTPS, 1935 TCP outgoing access? Is the 64 bit version available?
  9. T

    Help! Am I virused/hacked?

    Well I was messing around and out of curiosity I used the netstat command in CMD. I appeared to be connecting to a pile of random addresses. Am I virused? Here's the results Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP
  10. Johnwantsacar

    Can't get Android-VNC-Viewer to connect

    I've tryed everything i can think of, i've forwarded the ports 5800 tcp and 5900 tcp. I've turned my windows firewall off. I typed the right ipaddress in and the right port. i can't figure it out. please help.
  11. G

    Bigfoot Networks' Killer M1 NIC

    A self-contained system on a network interface card, Bigfoot Networks Killer M1 NIC offloads TCP/IP processing from Windows and gives gamers traffic priority and speedups for an edge in multi-player games online. The M1 isn’t cheap, but is worth it for se Bigfoot Networks' Killer M1 NIC : Read more
  12. F

    TCP/IP with Bluetooth

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi: I have a 2210 IPAQ and I need to know like being able to make a connection TCP/IP between the PocketPC and the PC with Bluetooth. The objective is to connect an application with a data base SQL Server that is in the PC. Thank...
  13. P


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) is there a way to connect directly on the internet and assign an external IP on my PocketPC2003 through the cradle? can I do it through activesync? something?