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  1. L

    Can't multitask on acer aspire e15

    I've always played games on my laptop yet recently it has started to have issues when I am playing a game and using voicechat simultaneously. If I am in a discord call or using steam party chat while playing a game I will get massive frame drops as well as constant stuttering. i never used to...
  2. F

    problem with headphones

    When i am chatting with someone in teamspeak he can hear himself when he talks to me. Like an echo of himself what do i need to change for that to stop
  3. S

    PS4 Game Audio and PC for TeamSpeak through Logitech G430 headset

    Like the title say, I would like to hear the PS4 audio and talk via TS3 on the pc. There's any way to connect the headset to both to do that? I saw videos of people using the G430 on PS4 but not doing what I want to do so don't even try to tell me that the headset does not work with the PS4...
  4. O

    Keep hearing myself in my headset

    Okay so I recently bought Turtle beach mp3 headset with inline mic When someone talk they can hear themselves talking through my mic and I can hear myself talking as well, I can hear their echo/feedback and plus they can hear all the background sound I...
  5. Typhoonbot

    [so far no fixes from here work] pc sound plays through microphone

    Hey everyone, yes this is yet another case of this extremely annoying problem. And yes, I do realise there are like five hundred billion trillion and seven posts about this particular problem, all with different suggestions on how to fix it, some of which have worked for people, and others...
  6. M

    ping spikes every minute on a single specific teamspeak 3 server

    i`ve been using TS3 for years now but just a couple of weeks ago i joined a clan in world of tanks and had to be on their TS server this specific server raises my ping to 1000ms for 2 seconds every minute and i`ve tried every thing to fix it but it wont
  7. Maepzer7

    Looking for a new Headset

    Hello, I'm looking for a relatively cheap headset, around $20-40, to use with Skype, TeamSpeak, and games such as Team Fortress 2. I already have a pair of headPHONES, but I need a headSET with a microphone. Can anybody recommend a pair to me from personal experience? Also, I would like to be...
  8. S

    Turtle Beach X12 problems

    Hello everyone. I recently bought some X12s and straight away encountered problems that rendered them useless to me. I play World of Warcraft competitively therefore I need to be able to communicate with my team mates. The thing with these headphones is that EVERY sound that comes from my pc...