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    Question Lg 29MT48DF-PZ power problem

    Hello kind reader/visitor I got my hands on this ... part of a peculiar television from a friend who wanted to dispose of it. Thought i'll give a shot at fixing it but my efforts came to a stop cause i don't know any further. As said the tv has a kind of power problem (i believe) that is most...
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    Question FD3800x connection to Samsung nu6100?

    I am planning to buy Samsung nu6100 and set it up with my fd3800x speaker system which is 5.1 system. The problem is that tv does not have Bluetooth or RCA connections. It somehow also do not have the headphone jack so i do not have any option to connect my speaker to my TV. Can anyone please...
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    Solved! Which streaming box supports all the on-demand streaming services in India?

    I need a device which I can connect with my regular LCD and it will support any streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, or HULU. Please help! These cable connections are just becoming unaffordable with rising prices.
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    Which is better from these 2 TVs?

    Changhong 40" Class 1080p LED HDTV - LED40YD1100UA or Insignia 40" 1080p HD 60Hz LED TV (NS-40D420NA16)