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    Budget pc under $600 with geforce gt 740m 2gb

    Hey guys looking for a laptop with geforce gt 740m 2gb to play games. If theres other Budget Laptops that you guys want to suggest then please comment below.
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    Laptop for gaming. Help me choose! Lenovo vs. MSI

    Hey guys im looking between these 3 for gaming. Ill be playing Tera and such and a little light video editting. Which one would be the best out of the three for gaming and video editting? MSI GP60, MSI GP70, Lenovo y510p Here: MSI GP60 - $900...
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    Laptop suggestions for playing Tera, Minecraft, and Runescape

    I wanted the Razer but its really expensive so I'm looking for anything similar. I just like how slim and Macbook pro the chasis for the Razer is. So if anyones got a suggestion to a more affordable laptop that can run Tera then please! List down below ! I know desktop is alot cheaper ive got...