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  1. Y

    I recieve messages, but they are earlier in time.

    So, I recently purchased a Galaxy S5, and I've just recently figured out the iMessage bull. I've stumbled upon another problem. I receive messages, but the message that I receive at the same time I send one, is earlier in time. For instance, I text my mom at 3:30PM she texts back 2 minutes...
  2. M

    Text messages come in exactly 15 minutes late Sprint GS4

    I use the text messaging app textra and as of lately (few days), I receive many of my text messages exactly 15 minutes after my friends send them. I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint. I tried turning my phone off and then on AND updating the PRL and profile, but none of them works.
  3. exfileme

    GIF Chat First App for New Pinger Network

    Pinger has launched a dedicated messaging network that feeds a number of Pinger-based texting apps. GIF Chat First App for New Pinger Network : Read more