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  1. N

    $200 laptop for Minecraft, gmod, csgo, tf2, smite, etc.

    I would like to know a $200 laptop for light gaming on low settings. I honestly don't care about graphics, just fps. The laptop can also be used or refurbished, just as long as it can play light games like Minecraft, valve games, smite and league of legends, while meeting the price point.
  2. Bill2002

    Looking for a practical laptop for medium/light gaming

    I am looking for something maybe like a Lenovo T520, which is the one I have but suffers from poor battery life and has no dedicated video card. If any of you have seen the new $800 gaming laptop from Dell, I am looking for something like that, but perhaps cheaper. No more than $800, $500 would...
  3. crazygamer2255

    good gaming laptop under $500 dollars that can run tf2 at max settings

    i'm trying to find a good laptop that can play tf2 at max settings at 60 frames per second and 1080p, sadly enough, i can't spend 1,000 on an amazing gaming laptop, but does anyone know of a laptop for a cheap price (preferable even under like 350) that can run tf2 at max settings or cs:go at...
  4. S

    Good Mid-High range gaming PC

    So This is going to be my very first Gaming PC ever, right now I'm playing on an imac with a GTX 745 1 gb xD. So I decided to make my budget around 800$. Therefore, I will be building an AMD Gaming PC. I am not going to be one of those Crysis 3/BF4 Ultra settings Over-clocked gamers. No, I...
  5. A

    Make Dxtory open when I open TF2

    Hello All, So almost every time I play TF2 I'm recording. And I would like my recording program, Dxtory to open when I open TF2. Is there a script or program that could do this? Thanks!
  6. F

    Can anyone recommend a laptop!

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a new laptop and cannot find a suitable one! And guys please stay inside of the UK i dont want to have to get a laptop shipped over from the US :) Here are my answers to the survey... 1. What is your budget? £400 - £1000 2. What is the size of the notebook that...