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    Solved! Keyboard spamming buttons when keep pressed a key

    When I mentain pressed any key it starts to press that key like I was pressing constantly pls help (the keyboard is Thor 200RGB and the problem appeared random ant the keyboard was bought 1 and a half month ago and I have a pc with windows 7 ultimate
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    want to send or backup my game data android

    sir plz help me i want to send the game data like iron man 3 thor 2 batman all this big size game needs additional game data i want back up these additional data so i can install it futher without downloading from play store
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    Thor, Star Wars Releases Lift Disappointing Blu-ray Sales

    Blu-ray has lost quite a bit of traction in consumer interest with streaming media capturing most of the attention these days. Thor, Star Wars Releases Lift Disappointing Blu-ray Sales : Read more
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    Thor's Hammer Crackles with Light and Sound

    Now, the power of the storms can be yours, and the only worthiness prerequisite is $20. Sounds like a steal! Thor's Hammer Crackles with Light and Sound : Read more
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    Satellite Positions

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Could some please tell me what Satellites are available to pick up with my motorised system from England. I know of Hotbird & Thor but would appreciate a list of all with their positions. Cheers Stan
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    Scandinavian or Spanish TV in Connecticut

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is it even remotely possible to access Thor 2 or 3 or Intelsat 707 from the US and get any Scandinavian TV? Also, has anyone been able to get Hispasat 1C/1D in the US? Can you buy access in the US or does it have to be bought in Europe? Best...