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  1. J

    Dell xps 15 - Power limit throttling 100%

    I have Dell XPS 9550 with 4k screen and 16gb RAM , 500SSD i7 6700HQ 2.6 with GeFORCE 930M on windows 10 pro Recently realized while running assassin creed syndicate (on lowest graphics settings) that the laptop gets very hot, i used the Intel extreme tuning utility to track down the issue and...
  2. A

    Laptop NOT thermal throttling but overheats

    Hey guys. My dad has a laptop with Pentium P6200, when I launch MSI Kombustor on it it heats up to 79C but does not thermal throttle and stays at its 2.13 Ghz, why is that so?
  3. M

    How can I stop throttling of Asus Zenbook UX305?

    Do you guys know how can I stop throttling of Asus Zenbook UX305? I tried throttlestop and it didn't work. Any comment will help. Thanks.