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  1. oliwierek10

    Im planning on buying the oculus rift and touch but I have a few questions

    A few days ago I posted a question on which to pick the touch or the vive and I am leaning towards the oculus but I have a few more questions. What I am interested in is the tracking and the long term support, many people just like me would enjoy 360 degree room scale games on the oculus. I...
  2. oliwierek10

    Which should I buy HTC Vive or Oculus Rift Touch?

    Hello I am planing on buying a vr headset and the htc vive and oculus rift touch come in at the same price which should I get? I know the differences between the sensors the fact that the htc vive sensors shoot out lasers and the oculus rift scans for ir light which is better? I am planing on...
  3. noyaus

    Surface Pro 4 Pen Problem

    Hi I have a surrface Pro 4. I haven't use the pen in a while but I use it once a month or so to make sure it works. So I was checking to see if all functions worked today and when i clicked on top to open OneNote it did not open. So I went onto youtube and unpaired and repaired it. The pen...
  4. Y

    Galaxy S3 touch messing up

    So a while ago i dropped my phone and got a crack in the screen, so i decided to replace the glass, and i did, but i have some issues. So when i turn it on it works perfectly fine, but then after a couple of minutes of use, the touch completely messes up, does not recognize my fingers and does...
  5. S

    Dual HDD capable, 1080, Touch

    I am a power user. I intend to primarily run Windows 8.1. Later, I plan to install Gentoo Linux on a second hard drive. I would configure Gentoo Linux so I could either dual-booting (UEFI) or run it virtualized (VMware player) with direct access to the second HDD. Specific Requirements: CPU...
  6. I

    Unresponsive Asus touchscreen

    I have an Asus tf101 tablet and on an OTA update the tablet's "touch" functions seems to be malfunctioning. In other words I cannot activate the "start" button via touch when the asus tablet starts up and the Android welcome screen appears. I can adjust the volume and I can reboot the machine...