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  1. V

    Solved! Windows 11 - Touchpad erratic after screen turns off

    I recently upgraded to Windows 11. Now, every time my Dell 7590 laptop turns off the screen, the touchpad is unresponsive and erratic. The only way to prevent this behaviour is to set screen turn off to "never". Or alternatively to restart the laptop. I never had this problem with Windows 10...
  2. nima nek

    Question Lenovo thinkbook 15 G2 touchpad not working

    hi guys i bought a new Laptop Lenovo |Thinkbook 15 G2| but it's touchpad is not working, it works while I'm in bios but not in windows, I have downloaded the latest drivers from Lenovo official site, but it didn't work. could you guys please help me with it??
  3. H

    Solved! A Toshiba laptop missing the device touchpad.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-B laptop Serial 8E190152P running Windows 7 Pro. The touchpad has stopped working. It used to work. Now I can't find the touchpad in the device manager or anywhere in the system. I downloaded the driver trying to install. It came back with an error message...
  4. F

    Toshiba click 10 LX0W-C64 (PN: PDW0GU-005005) Dock problem.

    Hello. Here's is our problem: Device: Toshiba Click 10 LX0W-C64 PDW0GU-005005 convertible with Windows 10 1607 Bios: Insyde -3 , 1.60 (55070019) (from wmic bios get ....) Problem: From yesterday to today, no keyboard or touchpad working. Only works touchscreen. Any recommendation to us...