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    Asus TP500LN-CJ088H Keypads a, d, j, k, l, ; ,' , 6 Stop Working

    I'm using Asus Transformer Book Flip model TP500LN-CJ088H. Some of the keypads such as a, d, j, k, l, ; ,' , 6 stop working several months ago. Since under warranty, I've sent it to asus service centre to get repair. Upon picked up, the keypads working as well after been formatted and I've been...
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    Convertible Laptop: Lenovo Flex 2 vs Asus TP500LN

    I have decided on purchasing a convertible laptop and I'm currently choosing between these two (I should note that the online stores that I'm linking are in Romanian, however if you scroll down you can see the specs of each laptop clearly): Lenovo Flex 2...