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  1. Darkjeebus

    Question Segway Ninebot G30 max

    So, I had a couple of questions. I owned a Ninebot G30 max until someone stole it from me when I left it unattended briefly and I was wondering if it was possible to retrieve the Bluetooth device ID or serial number from the app workout connecting to the device? The information is not...
  2. A

    Question Android Location Tracking

    I have an android phone and my ex has access to my Google account which is linked to the phone. She has changed the password and I am suspicious that she is tracking my location. I can't remove the phone number from the google account because she changed the password. If I remove my google...
  3. L

    what is a good way to track my phone?

    My phone is missing, and I need a legal, free, and actually functional way to track/ find it.
  4. F

    Webmail tracking: Has the mail been opened?

    Total newbie question: Can I somehow track emails going out from webmail? I have a website and with the webhosting came email addresses that I could use. (is this even English?) My host is using roundcube as email client, or whatever the real term for this is. I know that there are services that...
  5. oliwierek10

    Im planning on buying the oculus rift and touch but I have a few questions

    A few days ago I posted a question on which to pick the touch or the vive and I am leaning towards the oculus but I have a few more questions. What I am interested in is the tracking and the long term support, many people just like me would enjoy 360 degree room scale games on the oculus. I...
  6. F

    computer Location Tracking software geolocation

    I am trying to find or figure out how to track devices. I don't need the security aspect (remote wipe, lock out, etc). I have a small library of computers that get loaned out world wide and would love the ability to track their physical locations on a digital map. Out side of knowing their...
  7. theguyisback23

    Free Gps Tractor Spray Tracking APP For Ipad?

    Hello guys? is there any possibility in an application like AgDNA but instead being a Free GPS Tractor Spray Tracking APP For Ipad? i mean i downloaded the AgDna it was free, but in order to see my progress and the tracks i left after spraying the field with my tractor it required to upload my...
  8. tomsguideUS

    Turn Off Shared Endorsements on Google+

    By default, the Shared Endorsements feature is turned off on the Google+ profiles, and your manual intervention is required to turn it on. When the feature is turned on, any activity that you perform (such as sharing, following, or +1) on any advertised product will have your name attached...