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    Question Trackpad double right click when i only click once

    it’s not quite double clicking... It seems to only single right clicks but as soon as I try to move the cursor it decides to left click, then move... doing so I cannot open anything like: I'll click on the windows icon, and as soon as I move the cursor to open settings or anything, it clicks the...
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    Solved! Asus FX705 trackpad lagging. Badly.

    The laptop is brand new (6 weeks old) and the issue only just started a week ago roughly. I think it may have been after a windows 10 update. Basically the trackpad becomes entirely unresponsive for maybe 10-30 seconds. After that the cursor will quickly perform all the movements from when it...
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    Solved! How do I fix a stuck track pad button legion y530

    I have a legion y530 and the button somehow gets stuck, it is brand new and nothing was spilled on it. It is till usable but very annoying. I think a clip or some thing is not attached properly because the button looks crooked compared to the other. Also when I push on the the other side it...
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    Solved! Trackpad doesn't work after unplugging mouse

    Hi, I have been using an Amazon mouse with my new GS65 Win 10 Home laptop and whenever I unplug the mouse the trackpad doesn't work. Also, is there a setting somewhere that will smooth the pixels of movies on Netflix? I rewatched Good Will Hunting just now and the image was made up of square...
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    Trackpad Double Clicking When it Shouldn't

    The issue I'm having is a bit strange so I can't seem to find the right keywords to see if anyone else has had this issue as well... I got an Eluktronics Pro-X P957HR laptop [Windows 10] and recently my mouse seemed to always be double clicking, after just looking up troubleshooting for that I...
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    Can I install new touchpad driver?

    I have had the ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71 gaming laptop for about 5 months now. However, the trackpad is absolutely horrible and has a massive delay. I was wondering if it is possible to install the Synaptics ClickPad driver to the laptop instead, because I have a HP Envy touchscreen laptop and the...
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    Trackpad works like TAB

    his morning I tried to log into my laptop but I found I couldnt move the cursor with the trackpad. If I am in a window and try to move the cursor with the trackpad, it acts as if I am pressing TAB and cycles through buttons in the window. I found if I apply a huge amount of pressure to the...
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    Asus Trackpad: Jumping when power or HDMI is plugged in

    I bought a refurb laptop and after only about 6 months the trackpad became unusable when plugged into the power supply (this is the one that came with the laptop, I have not replaced it) Then, we tried to hook it up to the TV through HDMI to watch something and same thing happens, trackpad...
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    Are There Any Laptops Whose Trackpad Rivals A Mac?

    Hiya So my friend is really into Macbooks. Shame shame. Too overpriced. One of my friends arguments, is that a Macs trackpad is really nice. Centered, spacious and accurate. Well are there any laptops you guys can recommend which fit this bill?