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  1. notjon

    Question Naturalreader/Text to speech help

    does anyone know the name of this TTS character? Im 100% sure they removed it and I really need it. Thanks View:
  2. Zaporro

    Looking for Text to Speech desktop application with output to device

    Hello, Im looking for a Text to Speech desktop application but one that will allow me to direct the voice output to a specific sound device, more precisely VB-Audio Virtual Cable Output. Most of application i find only allow to listen to the text while its being read and there are no...
  3. O

    Naturalreader 6.6 download location?

    In an attemp to get tts text to speech of a better quality on an ubuntu 12.04 computer, I installed naturalreader 11 free using wine. It will install, but will not open or work. On a wine forum I read, that naturalreader 6.6 free to some extend, will run on wine. I cannot find a download...