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    Know Your Smartphone Camera Better - Zenfone Selfie

    Hello Friend, Fews days back i had a thread on suing Shutter speed on your smartphone, So i thought of making a video on using Manual Mode in Detail. Hope you like the video:
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    MacBooks Tutorials and How-To's

    MacBooks Tutorials and How-To's Troubleshooting How to Restore a MacBook Pro to Factory Settings How to Restore a MacBook Air to Factory Settings How to Adjust the Resolution of a Mac How to Create a Recovery Partition How to Boot Up a Mac in Safe Mode How to Boot Your mac from a USB Device How...
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    Set Up Google Play Games on your Android Smartphone

    If you play lots of games on your smartphone, Google Play Games will be one of your favorite features in Android. Using this app, you can compete with others online and send challenges. If you want to use Google Play Games, you need to set it up on your device. if you're not sure how to do...
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    Using an Android Smartphone, How to View the Facebook Messages Sent by Unknown Users

    Receiving messages on Facebook is simple if the senders of the messages are already added to your friend list. If a Facebook user who is not added in your friend lists sends you a message, you might have a hard time finding it. Normally all the inbox messages sent by your Facebook friends are...
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    How to Access the List of ‘Known Devices’ on Facebook

    When you frequently use your mobile phone, tablet, and/or computer to sign-in to your Facebook account, Facebook starts treating them as ‘Known Devices’. If you try to use a new device to log onto your Facebook account, Facebook prompts you to provide an answer to the security question or...
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    How to Upload a Video to YouTube Using an Android Smartphone

    Uploading a video on YouTube requires a Google account. In order to upload a video on YouTube using an Android smartphone, you must have the YouTube Android mobile app installed on your phone. The app is usually already installed on newer Android phones, If your phone is older, you can...
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    How to Set Up Two-Step Google Verification on Android

    When two-step verification for your Google account is enabled, Google sends you a confirmation code to your registered mobile phone number to access Google Services. You must provide the confirmation code in order to sign-in to your Google account from the new device. This provides an extra...