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  1. D

    Question using pc as an external audio input/output source for android smartphone

    I was replying to an 2018 thread by mltco78dhs but by the time i finished writing it became "solved", with the "solution" being "nope you can't do that duh" and i thought that's not good enough. the original discussion was about if using pc as an external audio input/output source for android...
  2. superpeas

    Question What happens when charging a laptop with a type-c phone charger?

    I just connected a type-c phone charger to a laptop type-c usb port. The port is not for charging the laptop. When I connected my phone charger into it, the laptop immediately shut down itself. The laptop is working just fine until now. I wonder if there will be damage inside of the laptop that...
  3. D

    typc c charginh in asus x541u

    I have an ASUS x541u core i3 - 7100u Laptop and it has type c port which is usb 3 can I use that port to charge the device? if yes what type of charger/converter should I buy?
  4. T

    WHERE TO BUY ??? Shipping A Laptop Out of Country. Need 208V Type C Input Plug for Charger.

    Hey guys my question is right in the subject :) I am buying a laptop here in the states and want to ship it out of country to a friend. Problem is that where she lives they use 208V and type C outlets. Where can I buy the input plugs for laptop transformers or is this something I would have to...