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    Gaming Lap Top

    Hi guys , i was thinking on buying new lap top under 1000$ , do you have any recommendation , i would like it to be good at games and to have good processor , probably i7 , i was thinking about Asus ROG GL 752 VW-DH71 , what do you think and do you have some better ideas , i like asus cause it...
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    Where would be the cheapest place to buy alienware

    Hi, Hello Everyone I am just wondering where I could buy a cheap brand new Alien ware 13 (Preferably under 1000). And yes I know that alienware is not he best computer but I still want to buy one ;)
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    Gaming laptop under 1000, LDLC Bellone ?

    Hello there ! I am currently looking forward to purchase a new laptop for (mostly) gaming use. I have looked all around the web, to finally stumble upon this one : http://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00165427.html It's mostly everything I want, GTX 860, 8GB RAM, I5. (I don't want an I7 cause they...