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    Intel i3/i5 tablet under 500$

    hi, Anyone knows a good windows i3/i5 tablet for under 500$ ? I'm looking for a tablet that meets my requirements: - a tablet form factor. - Intel i3/i5 based processor. - 4gb of ram, or more. - at least 32 gb of storage. - screen size 10" and more. - at least 1 full-size usb 3.0 port. -...
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    £450 gaming laptop viable?

    Hi guys i managed to configure a build at pc specialist ( a uk based custom pc builder) and it currently has an i-3 4000m, gtx 760m, 4 gb kingston memory and a 1600x900 display. What im wondering is is this build powerful enough to take modern games at native resolution on medium or low settings...