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  1. Bill2002

    Looking for a practical laptop for medium/light gaming

    I am looking for something maybe like a Lenovo T520, which is the one I have but suffers from poor battery life and has no dedicated video card. If any of you have seen the new $800 gaming laptop from Dell, I am looking for something like that, but perhaps cheaper. No more than $800, $500 would...
  2. M

    Cheap Good Quality Lapotop

    Hi guys and girls, I am having trouble finding a good laptop for next year at school. I want it to function well as a student type laptop but also for casual gaming. Here are some minimum specs I am thinking about: Intel fourth generation i7 or i5 (quad core) NVIDIA GeForce 840M 8GB RAM...
  3. N

    Best 15" gaming laptop

    Can at least play dota 2 in max settings. plss help. Budget is under $800. tia!