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    Solved! A new laptop for an economics major

    Hey there! Starting September, I'll be going to uni, where I'll be majoring in economics. As I only have a desktop right now, I want to buy a laptop to use there. You might say I'm a bit early, but I can think of quite a few ways a laptop would come in useful even now, so that's why I'm already...
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    [UK] Laptop For University Advice

    I am studying Games Design in University and realised it would be beneficial to me to have a laptop. I am studying Games Design and Development. * **Total budget and country of purchase:** UK. Up to £750 * **Do you prefer a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or best specifications to your...
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    Looking for a budget ultrabook

    hey, starting uni soon and need a low price ultrabook in australia with these requirements: -at least 14 inch screen, not worried about resolution -at least 6 hrs battery life with average use -no touchscreen is needed -at least an intel i3 processor is required -4gb ram -atleast 128gb total...
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    Best budget laptop for intense multitasking

    Im looking for the best laptop i can get for my needs under £460 British pounds and it has to be available in the UK for that price. I really liked the look of the Lenovo U series and the Dell 7000 series both of which i could afford in the US but not in the UK so you see the prices don't always...