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  1. missyellow

    Question Universal remote

    Hi all, Our remote for our AKAI AK652017UHDS has died :( I've found this remote "Logitech Harmony Universal Remote 650" However upon searching it's compatability it registers this model AKAI AK6520UHD but not the AKAI AK652017UHDS ... Are they the same? Any suggestions much appreciated as I'm...
  2. tomsguideUS

    Turn an Android Tablet Into a Universal Remote Control

    Tired of dealing with a pile of different remote controls? TVs, cable boxes, DVD and Blu-Ray players, stereo systems, and more: every piece of your home entertainment system has a different remote, but it’s difficult to ever remember which remote belongs to which device. With the following...
  3. E

    How to use Marantz IR Codes on Comcast XR-2???

    So I have a comcast XR-2 remote and a Marantz NR1403 surround receiver. How do I get the XR-2 Remote to control the Marantz receiver. All I want is power and volume control. Being able to switch hdmi inputs would be nice as well. I tried the code recommended, 30189, and I got the two green...