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    Solved! On WIFI why does upload reduce download speed?

    I'm using a video chat . I use upload of video and download also. I thought that the upload would not slow down the download but using speedtest.net I see that the download test is down to 3.5 Mb/sec and if I turn off the upload video I get about 12 Mb/Sec. Is that normal or is there an...
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    Solved! Does setting a laptop's power mode to "Best Performance" Improve Download/Upload Speeds?

    Hi everyone. Does setting a laptop's power mode to "Best performance" (as opposed to "Best battery life") decrease download/upload speeds? For instance, in Windows 10, if if I click on the battery icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and then set my laptop's power mode to "Best...
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    Solved! Do different browsers download/upload faster than each other or are they all the same?

    Hi everyone. Do different web browsers download/upload files faster than each other or do they download/upload files at the exact same speed? For example, will using Google Chrome download/upload a file faster than the Opera browser will download/upload the same file? Thank you.