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  1. GISdude

    Question Lenovo Ideapad 300

    Hi all, I' struggling with my laptop. I may have accidentally downloaded a virus. It's pretty fatal. I basically only get an error with a QR code. The error is, "0x000021a, your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collection some error info." I scanned the QR code and it...
  2. G

    illegal or not?

    Hi all, this is my first comment :D. I didn't know quite where to put this thread so i put it under networking. So my school has an annoying slow school network, the PCs though are quite fast (an i5 with 4/6 GB of RAM, enough for home and school use) but that terrible school network kills them...
  3. I

    G50 Lenovo laptop won't start after windows 10 update

    Hello. Earlier today when I turned on my Lenovo laptop it said windows 10 had installed new updates and was configuring setting so I shouldn't turn the system off. After it was done, it went on to reboot... and that was that. Although both battery and power light on the frontside are on, nothing...
  4. P

    Windows 10 stuck on System Reset

    My windows 10 reset has been stuck at 3% for four hours now. Any suggestions on what to do? And what would happen if I manually shut off the computer? (Windows Logo Spinning dots Resetting this PC 3% (it's been at 3% all morning))