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  1. G

    Question Monitor with USB-C out to HDMI

    Hello everybody. I recently acquired the PM161Q portable monitor from Acer. Unfortunately I didn't check the connectivity options of the monitor and now I am stuck with a monitor that only has a USB-C port to connect to my laptop that only has VGA and HDMI. Can anybody provide any info on the...
  2. D

    Solved! USB type C video output

    I am about to buy 8 in 1 docking station with HDMI output port: It connects via USB-C. Will USB-C/HDMI interface work with notebook ASUS UX360C? It says in ASUS manual, that...
  3. jessitokki

    Solved! When I record audio, it is muffled

    Okay so, I bought £15 USB-C earphones for my Huawei P20 Pro and they are BRAND NEW. The earphones that came with my phone originally are damaged. I am a singer so I record a lot of audio, however these new earphones muffle my voice recording and makes it extremely quiet. If anyone has any...
  4. mpinnamaneni1

    Question The conversion from HDMI (source) to USB-C( Reciever)

    Bidirectional Cable In my laptop HDMI is the only option, meantime USB-C is the only option for monitor. I want to Display 4K content from your HDMI laptop to external USB-C equipped monitor. I sit possible, Because on the online I can see only USB-C to HDMI only. Please list the...