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    Asus Zenbook UX31A Prime not powering on.

    Problem is fixed! I am still posting it just in case someone needs this info. I got this laptop 2nd hand a few days ago. Asus Zenbook UX31A, i5 3d gen, 13.3 FHD screen. The laptop had a small dent at one of the corners so I disasembled it to attempt repair. Im pretty tech savy, I even had my...
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    I boke a very small coponent on my ASUS ux31e motherboard, now it's not turning on. Only power and caps lock led

    https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-iPqjy5XMgGcGxDS3hubVJOQkk&usp=sharing what's that? Is it possible that this is the cause? Where can I find a replacement?