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  1. A

    Solved! m.2 SSDs compatible with Asus UX430u?

    As the title says. Son's laptop stopped recognizing the SSD, 95% of the time it boots into UEFI, showing no boot devices. I did manage to trick it into booting after unplugging and replugging the SSD, but it may have been a coincidence. It did bluescreen the next day and the situation...
  2. JTan_25

    Which laptop should I buy? UX430 or UX331 from ASUS?

    The ones i’m contemplating between have about the same price. I hear the 430 has really bad PWM monitor but I think im not gonna get affected by it (hopefully, idk ive never tried pwm screens). The 430 also has coil whine and overheating issues if im correct? The 331 on the other hand has none...