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  1. Key-00

    ASUS UX501J Powering up in sleep mode, with the screen closed.

    Hello. I seem to be having an opposite problem from most ASUS users here. Instead of my computer not turning on, my computer loves to turn on all by itself, even when it's closed. I haven't been able to catch the moment when it does this, if it does it after x amount of time, but I have gone...
  2. T

    Asus UX501 vs Lenovo Y50

    Hi Friends, I am a college student and I was looking for a laptop for Multimedia, Gaming and Work purpose. I have 2 Laptops in my mind, but can't decide which one is best. Lenovo Y50 or ASUS UX501 Both the laptops have high configuration as per my need. But can't decide which one will give...
  3. M

    What is the difference between Asus ROG G501 and ZB Pro UX501?

    Hello, Due to moving to a more cramped apartment, I don't think I can bring my desktop computer. Thus I've been looking into gaming laptops. I'm a bit picky in the sense that I want mobility and thinness along with some performance. So that left me stopping by at Asus where I found these...