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  1. S

    60hz monitors and 120hz monitors, differences and other questions

    Hello, I have spent a while researching the differences between 60hz and 120hz monitors, and can't find anything relevant to me or anything definitive, so I thought I'd try asking here. I'm using a GTX 970M with 3gb dedicated ram. If it's relevant, I have 16gb ram and 6th gen i7 - 2.7ghz/3.5...
  2. huilun02

    RadeonPro confusing settings

    I am new to RadeonPro and it has a multitude of options for a few aspects of graphics settings that elude me... First is the numerous AA settings at the Visual tab. There is the AA mode control, MLAA, FXAA and SMAA. If I am correct they are just the different types of AA available, but are they...