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  1. MDXX

    Want 3d Mark to benchmark?

    Steam has 3 different ones. What is the standard? 3d mark, 3d mark 11, or 3d mark vantage
  2. dodger46

    3D Mark Vantage and DirectX 11

    A8N32-Sli Deluxe 2 x Nvidia Ge Force 7600GT System reports I'm running DirectX 11, yet 3D Mark Vantage won't run, claims Directx 11 not supported??
  3. S

    NVIDIA & PNY Hosting FREE Contest: Folding@Home, 3DMARK Vantage Key

    Hi Everyone, NVIDIA & PNY are having a contest to help raise awareness of the benefits that Folding@Home has for the scientific community. Therefore they are hosting numerous contests including FREE 3DMARK Vantage key giveaways, Folding@Home challenge and Online Tournaments involving Call of...