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  1. P

    Create dynamic Long Dropdown List

    Let me Tell all First this is a Repost Hie, So basically i am creating a form which is more or less like a invoice. There are 4 types of choices from which the user will select, by each selection would give me an another list to choose and so on untill it reaches the last one which is the price...
  2. C

    Excel to copy matching cell row from tabs to a summary tab

    Hello guys, I have a workbook and I need to find the NO values on ROW G (Row 7) and then copy the line that NO belongs to a new sheet (TAB) called summary, in my case it is listed as sheet 18. I need to search on all sheets though from Sheet 1 to Sheet 17 in their G Rows for NO's. I have a...
  3. TheMitjaX

    Bandicam doesn't want to record the resolution 1080x720

    So I just re-installed bandicam and all my settings of course got reset and I tried configuring things but it doesn't work. It keeps recording in 240x160 which is a shit quality and resolution. Can somebody help me I recorded VisualBoyAdvance emulator the game is Kirby : Nightmare in Dreamland...
  4. T

    [VBA] Intercept Dropbox's sync status

    hi all, i'm tryng through visual basic for application (VBA) to intercept the dropxbox's sync status of my pc's application. I want to know if dropbox has finished the sync operation. Does anyone know how i can do that? is there any file where i can read this information? Antonio