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  1. K

    Endless blocked Facebook account pending photo verification

    Hi, Facebook blocked my account after I signed in from another network and computer than usually. I send photo (for verification) 6 days ago and I still don't get respond. I suspect that it is a bug. I send a lot of messages to (found in Google) facebook's e-mail and messages in facebooks...
  2. Can You Help Me Please

    What ios app can I use for my Craigslist Ad so that I can verify it via SMS with a real U.S. mobile phone number

    I just recently posted an ad on Craigslist and when I went to my email I got an email that said that I had to have a text sent to my phone for verification purposes with a code. I currently have an iPhone 6 Plus and my mobile phone service provider is Freedompop. For some reason I did not...
  3. A

    How often is the Steam Credit Card Verification restriction?

    So,I recently added funds to my Steam Wallet for like 4-5 times(on separate days as per my needs) and I got the Steam Credit Card Verification restriction which won't allow me to use Community Market for 6-7 days(I'm okay with waiting as I'm using my parent's credit card of-course with their...
  4. tomsguideUS

    How to Set Up Two-Step Google Verification on Android

    When two-step verification for your Google account is enabled, Google sends you a confirmation code to your registered mobile phone number to access Google Services. You must provide the confirmation code in order to sign-in to your Google account from the new device. This provides an extra...