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  1. S

    Micros sdhc wont connect to my cx330

    I have a sony cx330 and i got a new sandisk 8gb microsdhc for it and every time i put it in it says reinsert memory, verifying the positioning of the memory. i even tried it on other devices and it didn't read. i don't want to send it back just yet so any have any idea what's wrong, all open to...
  2. andrewj1999

    Need Good Waterproof Video Camera

    I need a Video Camera for filming underwater. I want one that is reliable and has good reviews. I would prefer one with a screen. It needs to be under $100 but I can go up to $150 for a REALLY good one. I would like it to have 1080p and I would prefer one that has a housing so that I do not...