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    Solved! Smudge inside EVF, help please!

    Does anyone know if this can be fixed DIY? I took it to PhotoTech in NYC but they want $200 fo fix it. I have an extra viewfinder in great condition but they won't use it. Any advice? This smudge does not affect the photos, thanks. I'm using an LX100 Panasonic. [/img]
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    DSLR viewfinder glass change, is it possible?

    Hey guys, I got a Canon 70D with a scratch on the viewfinder's eyepiece glass. Is it possible to replace just the glass or i have to replace the whole viewfinder? The scratch is not that bad and i can see trough it but if it is easy to repair i will go for it.
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    cheaper camera for upgrading to 4k (I dont have any other choice)

    hello, my client wants me to shoot a 4k video. since I justified the benefits of 1080p. these are my cameras -Canon C100 -5d MkII -700d -EOS M3 -760d Are there any cheap choices for 1k only since I don't shoot in low light? my ISO is always @400 and this is kinda travel video so I don't care...