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  1. Question Onkyo TX-SR333 - Losing my mind trying to connect a turntable

    To preface this, my entire system worked fine until I had to reset the receiver. Ever since then I have not been able to get any sound when connecting a turntable and setting the receiver to the appropriate channel. -- I have an Onkyo TX-SR333 receiver connected to an LG CX OLED tv via ARC...
  2. S860

    Solved! How to connect turntable to powered speakers

    I recently bought a sony ps-hx500 and was wondering what I would need to buy in order to successfully connect is to a set of logitech g560 speakers. Is it simply an rca to 3.5mm cable or is it something else that I need to buy to make it compatible. Thanks.
  3. TJtheGamer

    Question Problem with turntable audio

    Hello! I recently got a Memorex turntable, radio, CD, and cassette player combination thing at an auction (sorry not sure the proper name for it). When I got the machine I had to buy a replacement needle on Amazon for the turntable, but once I got the needle installed my vinyls sounded wonderful...
  4. T

    5.1 home theater options with multiple inputs or workable with receiver?

    tl;dr: Would any home theater setup be able to support both a Chromecast Audio (3.5mm jack) and a turntable (I presume w/ RCA?)? --- So... my dad has a TV, CD player, DVD player... and, yes, a turntable. Right now, he has it all hooked up to a very old receiver, which in turn connects to a...
  5. A

    Transfer vinyl to laptop with vintage audio system ?

    Have vintage rack audio system with speaker wire outputs to stereo. Passive speakers. Want to record my vinyl collection to CD. How do I interface the speaker wire connectors to the laptop's USB? Understand some adapter may be needed - will appreciate pointers and URLs. I know a USB turntable...
  6. B

    Vinyl Record Player

    Hello. I am new to the market of vinyl, as I have records from my parents, but no turntable. Will this Audio Technica need any more hardware to play records, and will it work with my ATH M-50X's? Thanks!