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    Virus and "" will not work on any browsers.

    Recnetly acdiental download a software where got me serval weried software appear on PC. I am not sure it's reall virus, but after using many anitvirus software clean up. I found out "" will not work with any browsers. Instead show the page, it shows many code. (I think it is...
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    Software to scan folders

    So pretty much my friend gave me his hard drive full of old games. Far Cry, Assassins Creed etc but I'm really cautious about viruses with my new computer. Is there a software that I can use to scan that certain folder/s contain the game/s Thanks
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    Insta-Share AdWare refuses to be removed

    Okay, i'm at my wits end here. I have an ACER laptop running Windows 8.1. It got tremendously plagued with viruses and various PUPs earlier this month. I got rid of the viruses and other nasties using a combination of MalwareBytes, CCLeaner, AdWareCleaner, RevPro Uninstaller and my own Kaspersky...
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    Cheat Engine cheat tables - Viruses

    I downloaded a cheat table for Terraria from a friend but he has a shady past and is known to sometimes, although rarely, give viruses to friends. Is it possible for him to store a virus in a cheat table which wouldn't be picked up by avast? The cheat table works fine but I'm not sure if he got...