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    Solved! New Seagate 2TB hard drive not reconized by vizio 65"tv

    Hello All, so i bought a new external hard drive from costco, segate 2tb 2PA3P9-505, and thought ill just put all my movie on it and plug it in. NOPE! When i do plug it in to my TV it only shows this, EFI FAT32 196.9MB. Ive formated both ways that are available, fat32 and ntfs and still nothing...
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    Question Please help me with my new M507-G1 TV

    Good evening. I just purchased a M507-G1 Vizio Quantum yesterday and I am having some issues with linking my soundbar. If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it. I have an LG LAS551H and a SK6Y sound bar. The SK6Y is the newest and I had both previously hooked up via ARC to a Samsung...
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    Samsung smart tv problem with internet connection

    Hello, everyone so I bought my new TV today. I tried to connect to Smart Hub, but recently I can't find the option to connect it via wireless connection. I can when I only choosing my TV network option and find it works perfectly and shows that I am successfully connected. Nevertheless, I cannot...