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  1. S

    Solved! Church Speakers - Can I test voltage on speaker wire?

    Hey everyone, I have taken over the sound system maintenance for our church and last year we replaced our old mixer with a powered mixer. We currently have two speakers that work with the system but over the year I found two speakers that weren't working and I am not sure if they ever worked...
  2. H

    Question Vizio TV Blank Screen has stable 5v standby pin BUT 12v pins all read 19v

    The TV is a Vizio D55U-D1. The screen will not come on, but the white LED indicator does come on. It lights up, fades, sometimes blinks, and eventually turns off. It also sometimes comes back on after a few minutes. The screen always remains blank. I have tested several things inside the TV with...
  3. P

    HP r203tx completely dead after ACPI errors a couple of times.

    I have the HP r203tx and I have the LinuxMint OS on this machine. One fine day, when the battery was low, the laptop just powered off directly as if I had detached the battery. I immediately connected it to a power source and as soon as I selected LinuxMint on the GRUB bootloader, I got ACPI...
  4. Boutchoo

    Dell E7450 Battery Voltage matters?

    Greetings! I recently bought a Dell E7450, but after a few months, my battery began to be defective. I ordered a replacement from Dell. Old Battery : 54Wh - 7.4V 6986mAh - 8.7V New Battery : 54Wh - 7.6V 7340mAh - 8.8V I was simply wondering what pushed Dell to make this revision on the...
  5. A

    what does 3000mAH on a device mean

    I have a remote backup charger which has 3000mAh stated on it. What does it mean. I know it is associated with current and stuffs. but how actually can i get to know about the concept behind this milli ampere hour stuffs??
  6. P

    Battery Replacement, Does higher voltage matter?

    Hi all, I'm struggling to decide upon a predicument so honest advice is required. Please help me make the correct decision. I recently purchased my dad a new laptop, specifically a Lenovo G710 i3 however it arrived with no battery. So after Googling around I found a good deal. The one I...
  7. N

    Could I put an A8-3550MX into an Acer Aspire AS5560-Sb653? (switch 35w cpu with 45w one)

    Basically, I know that this APU is NOT soldered to the motherboard of this laptop (don't post that whole "laptop parts are soldered to the mobo, buy a desktop" BS, I have a custom gaming desktop and I know how to swap out the parts on both desktop and laptops). I would like to upgrade to an A8...
  8. C

    I think I solved my ‘laptop instantaneous shutdown’ problem. But it makes no sense. Please help.

    I am having a problem for 5 weeks that I can't solve and it's driving me crazy. By the end of the post, you’ll see why I need help from you guys. [EDIT: My warranty expires shortly. There are so many unexplained things, asked as 3 Qs at the end, that I have to assume this problem may recur...
  9. E

    Charging Laptop with underpowered amperage adaptor / powerbank

    i will buy a power bank that has 86000mah 3.5 Amperage max and 19V and my leptops AC/DC adapter is 19v 6.15 that is capable of runing my laptop at full tdp and charge the battery same time.And my laptops internal battery is 11.15 V 4400 mah. 1-What happens if i plug this power bank instead of...