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  1. D

    FPS Limit Program with a limit toggle?

    I'm wondering if there is a program that let's you limit the FPS like Rivatuner, but also lets you set a hotkey to toggle the limit on and off at will. My reason for wanting it is because while playing Fallout 4, with a FPS limit loading times between areas is upwards of nearly 3 minutes, but...
  2. N

    Solved! Screen tearing in games

    Hello everyone So i have been having this problem after i upgraded to windows 10 everytime I try to run my games I keep getting this screen tearing unless i have vsync on and that thing eats up my fps i can barely run my games on 40-50 fps with vsync is off ( I got so many fps drops when...
  3. B

    Lenovo- Y50 Frame Rate issues, Stuck Around 60 FPS.

    Hello all, Recently, I downloaded the game Red Orchestra 2, and instantly encountered frame rate issues. After much work I was able to get the frames up to 120 or so, but now I can only get 60 on much lower settings than before. I have tried turning off Vsync in game and in my NVIDIA Control...
  4. huilun02

    RadeonPro confusing settings

    I am new to RadeonPro and it has a multitude of options for a few aspects of graphics settings that elude me... First is the numerous AA settings at the Visual tab. There is the AA mode control, MLAA, FXAA and SMAA. If I am correct they are just the different types of AA available, but are they...