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  1. hanser30

    Lenovo W541 Hackintosh

    Hi guys, so I just got my thinkpad W541 and I want to turn i t into a hackintosh. The reason for this is because i want to be able to use some mac software in my laptop without needing to buy a mac, also, I use Autocad and so far it is way better on PC. I googled a lot but i couldn't find...
  2. hanser30

    Can I upgrade my laptop's display?

    Hi guys, I have a Lenovo W541 and I currently have the standard 1080p screen. I was wondering if I could upgrade it later to the 3k display. I want to know if I have to change the bezel or any other part in order to install this display. Full Specs: CPU- i7-4810mq GPU- k2100m Ram- 16gb @...