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    Solved! Is it okay to charge?

    i have an andriod one plus one, and i spilled tea all over it. my charging port looked completely dry and i checked to see if it would charge (and it did). it looks like there was a lot of water around where the camera is (on the back). overall most of the body looked dry and my case was just...
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    Laptop Keyboard stuck at "/" key after small water spill. Please help!

    Hi, I got a problem with my acer V3-772G Laptop. Yesterday, A bit of water was spilled onto the keyboard area and i didn't think it was a big deal and tried to clean it off. but then i noticed that when i pressed some keys, it would type 2 letters at once. like if i typed b it would type bv. i...
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    spilt water on laptop

    Hi, I just spilt lots of water on my laptop and now on my screen the cursor is always on the bottom left side. And I can barely move it and when I do it just moves straight back to the bottom left side. What should I do?
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    Spilled a tiny bit of water on my HP laptop

    It still turns on but won't go past the HP screen for now. It didn't shut off when the incident first happened however it did show a static screen at the time that was really colorful, similar to the static screen on a TV. The static screen hasn't happened since. I've turned it off and pulled...
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    I spilled tea on my Asus laptop and now the keyboard is not working

    A week ago I spilled mint tea (no sugar) on my Asus X550c's keyboard. I wiped it out immediately and everything was just fine, I was actually playing a game so I kept playing until I noticed whenever I pressed 'W' the options menu would pop up. Then I pressed some other keys and everything was...
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    Spilled Zero Coke on my Alienware 14x

    Hi, 5 hours ago I spilled Zero Coke on my Alienware 14x. I spilled something like 50 ml, on the keybord. It is the first time it happend so the first thing i did was taking a paper and trying to dry it off as fast as I can, 1 minute later (i did not turn it of immidiatly) the screen turned into...