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  1. P

    Doogee S60 not so 'waterproof'!!! Any advice?

    When I purchased my Doogee S60 at GearBest I was very happy with it. Beautiful, fast working, reliable, incredibly solid body, only positive points for almost a year of use. ...Until the miserable misfortune of having it wet! Then everything turned into crap!! My phone immediately stopped...
  2. I

    notebook for dissabled person

    I am looking for a notebook for my mom. She has limited use of her limbs . she has went through probably 4 notebooks (mostly macbooks) in the past 8 years. usually what kills them is she spills water on the keyboard, they get dropped sometimes too. The keyboard cover for the macbook worked...
  3. andrewj1999

    Need Good Waterproof Video Camera

    I need a Video Camera for filming underwater. I want one that is reliable and has good reviews. I would prefer one with a screen. It needs to be under $100 but I can go up to $150 for a REALLY good one. I would like it to have 1080p and I would prefer one that has a housing so that I do not...