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  1. C

    85w speakers 100w amp?

    I'm a bit worried now about the speaker and amp config I was planning to buy. I was planning on buying a pair of Klipsch R-15M speakers which are rated 85w continuous and an amp in a few weeks, but recently saw an Onkyo tx 8020 100w (50 wpc) stereo amp on sale for about $100 and dumbly bought...
  2. M

    2 speakers to 1 channel

    When i wire 2 50w speakers parralel to 1 50w channel. does the wattage of the speakers stack?
  3. H

    Buying amplifier for low watt speaker?

    I have a Sony Hi-Fi system that I bought long ago. It has 2 speakers along with the Hi-Fi system body (which has the tuner and the cassette slots) to which the speakers are connected. Recently the circuit in the hi-fi system was damaged, but the speakers work fine. The System is Sony CFS-715S...
  4. Racinglife12

    Are these budget speakers worth it?

    Hi I have something to ask here. I recently have caught my eyes on some Skytronic speakers for just a little more than 200 euro for a pair. They are the SkyTec Disco PA speaker 2x 15" 1000W LED. I'm going to place them in a room which is 4.70m by 3.60m. The Amp that is going to power them is a...
  5. A

    what does 3000mAH on a device mean

    I have a remote backup charger which has 3000mAh stated on it. What does it mean. I know it is associated with current and stuffs. but how actually can i get to know about the concept behind this milli ampere hour stuffs??
  6. N

    Could I put an A8-3550MX into an Acer Aspire AS5560-Sb653? (switch 35w cpu with 45w one)

    Basically, I know that this APU is NOT soldered to the motherboard of this laptop (don't post that whole "laptop parts are soldered to the mobo, buy a desktop" BS, I have a custom gaming desktop and I know how to swap out the parts on both desktop and laptops). I would like to upgrade to an A8...