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  1. Boris_yo

    Question How to Stop Webpages from Auto-Refreshing on Android Chrome?

    Hi How to stop webpages from automatically refreshing every X minutes on Android Google Chrome? I also have Samsung Browser that I use so this question applies to it as well. Thanks
  2. Sherlocksh

    Want to remove the dark colour covering the chat

    This is a chat I had with an intel agent. I'm doing a project and it need emails and chats as a proof. But its covered by a dark colour. Can anyone remove it Please ? the link to download the saved page of the chat New Link - https://mega.nz/#!mx9URaiJ!YCkkoyAWWDaYVBK5zC_zidffaq60aayTugEREghASrw
  3. B

    Please recommend a service for creating and hosting a website

    I need a simple online store website. Payment system is optional because I guess it's difficult. I can add to it later. I can redirect my clients to a page about how to pay offline with bank transfer. So just a simple online store website is enough. I have learnt a little bit HTML when I was in...
  4. C

    HP drivers webpage

    Product Name: HP 2000-299WM Notebook PC Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)