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  1. _Binz

    Question Website Chinese Character Showing Squared Question Mark

    so currently i'm working with a laravel 9 based website and it use the chinese character (Traditional Hanzi), and somehow in my device (M2 Macbook Air, MacOS Ventura) the character shows the squared question mark and some broken characters, eg: ����; and this problem only happens to me, none of...
  2. A

    Question how to use this app?

    I was thinking for a long time that there should be some technology that can help me to locate my important items from getting lost and I tried many of them. now I order some products from the website company name FOUND ME. They have also their own app which we have to connect with their...
  3. L

    Hello guys im new to coding with a question thats been bugging me

    How would I make php work in a 1 page website?
  4. G

    Coding for an app

    I'm currently making a website from the files I made at college just for the fun of it and want to put it up online but its bugging me so I've had the idea to to make an app instead but have all the website stuff on it. That stuff being reviews of phones and all around gaming. How would i go...
  5. T

    Software To Edit Website?

    Hey, my Dad's old website for his company is outdated with information, but still comes up highly on search rankings so he's decided to give it a bit of a make over so people can be directed to the new website. We have Dreamweaver already, would that work? Sorry, rookie at this stuff :/ Any...
  6. V

    Disproportiante Website Visits from China - Is this an attack?

    Hi Guys, Our SME website usually gets about 40-100 views everyday. Today we got over 2000 views, 466 from just one viewer with a chinese IP. Also the page visited link is very different. Snapshot is here Can somebody help me understand what is this? Also should I...
  7. B

    Please recommend a service for creating and hosting a website

    I need a simple online store website. Payment system is optional because I guess it's difficult. I can add to it later. I can redirect my clients to a page about how to pay offline with bank transfer. So just a simple online store website is enough. I have learnt a little bit HTML when I was in...
  8. I

    HTML prompting and displaying

    Okay, so I don't do much with JS in HTML... so I want to ask this question. I want to make my website prompt whoever is visiting my site, and then whatever the answer in the prompt, I want that to be displayed. Can someone give me a little tutorial or sample code to get me going? It would be...
  9. K

    How to make your own website(real coding)

    So were trying to make a buisness website and we have to pay these guys big money to do it for us.(I came to late were almost a week from launch but) l want to make it next time and so i would like to see a online tutorial or something that would help me to code. Also any recommendations of what...
  10. G

    Help Find The Price!

    Hello world, I am looking for the price of this outdated laptop. I was hoping one of you out there could send me a link with its original retail price with it, i cant seem to find it anywhere. Its a: Hp Pavilion g7-1158nr Notebook PC Heres the part number: LW415UA#ABA Please help!
  11. Q isn't working (not automatic and not via desktop app)

    It's a new computer build, I spontaneously went to this site (used to work on my previous computer), and I ran the test against a specific game. It got stuck on "Detecting..." as shown here: I'm using Chrome, and after making sure, from's website, that my Java version is up to date, I...
  12. rhoninho

    How to view a website that has shut down?

    Hello :o Does anyone know how I could access the information on a website that was shut down? The wayback machine only takes me this far And if I try to click on a page on one of the...
  13. A

    Werid Font Change Internet

    All of the sudden I noticed some websites like facebook, are using this werid font in werid places... and it is asame on multiple websites, Is it my browser or something, can someone please check those websites to see if it is my browser or the website i just updating their font... Imgur Album...
  14. L

    Scraping on my website

    How should I prevent scraping on my website?