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    How to Delete Whispers on Whisper

    Whisper is a social networking app that lets users post their secret under an anonymous nickname. Users can also reply to, heart (like) a whisper, and users can even privately chat with one another. Sometimes, users may want to delete a whisper that they have posted, and to learn how to delete a...
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    How to Post Secrets on Whisper

    Whisper is a social networking site where users download an app on their smartphone and creates an anonymous account. If you would like to learn how to post secrets on Whisper, then read the following instructions. 1. Downloading and installing the app - Search Whisper in the Play Store or App...
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    How to Use Whisper App

    Start sharing your deepest, darkest secrets with the world while maintaining your anonymity using Whisper. Here's how. How to Use Whisper App : Read more