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  1. sirstinky

    HP BIOS Whitelists

    Hey. Anyone ever heard of this? I have an Envy 17T-J100 I am wanting to upgrade the WiFi adapter on it to an AC dual band. There are 'compatible' adapters listed. However, it's been said that HP had whitelisted the BIOS on their laptops for years...until recently. My machine is from mid-2014...
  2. M

    Website Whitelist Software for Browsers?

    So I'm the IT Specialist at my work, and one thing we've been trying to get working for the past couple months is to block all websites except for only the few websites the employee's need to be using in Chrome. I don't want to use a network-based solution such as OpenDNS due to our network here...
  3. R

    How to Whitelist Sites with an Ad Blocker

    Ad Blockers prevent you from seeing advertising on the web, but they also keep websites from receiving the revenue they may receive from advertising. If you support a website or if it has advertising that isn't annoying, you should whitelist it. Here's how to add a website to AdBlock Plus'...