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  1. K

    Windows CE on android tablets

    Hello i recently got an android tablet and i am really sick of android. So i thought I might be able to put windows 7 or 8 on there but then i realized that the architecture of the processor was all wrong. A bit later I found some threads for Windows CE tablets and mini ARM laptops running...
  2. M

    windows ce sylvania

    I need my password that I forget
  3. T

    need live support

    i have a sylvania netbook synet07526 with windows ce i cant get it to connect to the internet or reset back to factory i have tried eveything i know to do for it so far nothing has worked yet plus i just got it yesterday need help fixing it or a phone number for the sylvanianetbook live support...
  4. S

    wireless internet connection windows ce

    I get DNS error when i try to connect internet on Augen netbook
  5. Sirsnapalot

    How do I enter bios of windows ce wireless book

    Hello,I picked up the wireless net book today and I will not load it's drivers any help on this I have done what it asks
  6. T

    Windows-ce-6: how to establish net connection through 3g modem?

    Hello, I've a sonilex netbook SL-LT701. All attempts to set up internet connections were failed. how should I do it? Again, can win xp be installed in it? If so how? Plz respond quick. thanks
  7. S

    Sync iphone to ranger data collector running microsoft ce

    I am a land surveyor using a ranger data collector running Windows CE. I can't get the iPhone to recognize the data collector when trying to connect bluetooth or by usb. I would like to be able to transfer text files from my iPhone's email to the data collector. Is it even possible, or is it...
  8. S

    Update windows ce 98

    where to go for windows ce updatiion
  9. R

    Operating System

    I want to Change windows CE to windows Mobile on the Motorola MC3100 device but i need instructions on how to do it
  10. D


    Hello, yes i have a windows ce netbook and it doesnt let me download anything is there any programs out there for it
  11. C

    2 questions about Jornada 720.

    (1) where did my last thread go? the question wasn't replied and it just disappeared. (2) I own a Jornada 720 with Windows CE and I can't find a way to associate the media files (pix and mp3s) with the respective software. All the options I get with the "right click" menu are: open, cut, copy...
  12. J

    Solved! Windows CE 6.0

    Hello, I have a netbook with windows CE 6.0 but am unable to download Skype or Yahoo messenger on it. As I bought the thing to use on holidays to keep in contact with my family, it seems I have wasted my money. I am a complete technophobe, so any suggestions (in words of 1 syllable preferably)...
  13. M

    Solved! How do I format an embeded netbook

    I have a netbook that is running windows ce embedded and right out of the box, it has a explorer error so absolutly nothing works! you can't click on anything or navigate anywhere. So my question is how do I reformat an embedded netbook without a hdd? and then how would I go about reinstalling...
  14. E

    Ce compatible wifi adapters

    Hello, very untechnical speak needed, bought my daughter a Lexibook laptop it runs on windows ce the wifi adapters are out of stock that go with the lexibook and wondered if there are any others out there that are tried and tested? cheers
  15. G

    Connect windows ce to windows xp

    Hello, i want connect a PDA windows CE 5.0 to a PC windows XP with Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5, but i can't there is a driver for USB windows CE
  16. G

    Windows CE .NET 4.2 Core

    Hi - i have a telefunken (GPS) TGPS-374 loaded with Windows CE .NET 4.2 Core , i mistakenly delete some files and now the GPS does not boot, only has a blank screen, can anyone help how to restore the os files?
  17. exfileme

    ASUS Possibly Dumping Windows CE for Android

    ASUS may be canning the latest version of Windows CE for Android. ASUS Possibly Dumping Windows CE for Android : Read more
  18. S

    windows ce .net 4 2 core

    Hello, I will be very thankful to someone who will explain the procedure of installing windows ce .net 4.2 core to a navigator that has only sd card,(no usb connection), Regards Toni
  19. C

    Connecting to a Cassiopeia

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have just acquired an old - yep, I know it's from the ark - Cassiopeia A11A 6Mb running Windows CE v2. It suits me as I am a volunteer in a remote Nepali village without electricity, and it was cheap. I am not quite as poor as...
  20. G

    upgrade windows CE.NET 4.1 operating system to windows CE...

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) i want to use .net control over the browser on the smart device . My smart device has windows CE.NET 4.1. The browser doesnt support downloading of activex controls. We can install IE6.0 for CE but on windows CE.NET 4.2. Can i...
  21. G

    restore windows ce

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Since a couple of months, I have linux op my ipaq, but I have never used id since. Now I got a gps receiver from a friend, so, I have to reinstall windows back onto it. But somehow, I have lost my backup of the rom-image files (had...
  22. G

    Screen Calibration.

    Archived from groups:,microsoft.public.pocketpc,microsoft.public.pocketpc.developer,microsoft.public.windowsce (More info?) Does anyone know of a way to prevent continuous re-calibration of a touch screen device while maintaining its consistent functionality. Thank you...
  23. G

    SSL for Windows CE

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am looking for SSL source or an SSL program which runs on Windows CE 3.0. I am willing to purchase it
  24. G

    Windows CE .Net, VB .Net Standard Addition

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have a PC with windows CE .Net Version 4.10 build 908. I would like to write and app in VB .Net to run on this PC. I have VB .Net standard edition. Is it possible to do this or do I need the professional edition?
  25. A

    dbf files

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hello Is there a way to edit and save .dbf files in windows ce? thanks alison
  26. C

    Windows CE Inbox Transfer

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I just upgraded from a Casio EM500 (PPC 2000) to a Dell Axim X3 with Windows Mobile 2003. I also upgraded the inclued copy of Outlook from 2000 to 2002. When I try to do a Windows CE Inbox Tansfer now, I get "Unable to connect to...