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  1. karlis.vorslavs11

    What should I do with my old Dell Inspiron 8000?

    My friend gave me old Dell Inspiron 8000 for free. What should I do with it. It has Windows ME (!). Please help!
  2. M

    Looking for Drivers for Old Compaq Laptop

    Another question about my thrift-shop-find Compaq Presario 12XL300. I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows Me on the laptop, but something that didn't cross my mind was drivers. I searched Google for drivers for this laptop, and the top result was a Compaq/HP website, but it said "Model...
  3. My Life Is Tech

    Please Help: Microsoft Office 95 Professional 7.0b Update

    Does anyone here know where I can find the 7.0b update/ISO for Office 95 Professional? And if you have the update/ISO yourself, would it be possible to upload it temporarily so I can download it? Any help will be appreciated, please reply soon, thank you.
  4. My Life Is Tech

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Office 95/97 Year 2000 Fix/Update

    Does anyone have the year 2000 update files for Microsoft Office 95/97? Their names are as follows: 1. o95y2k.exe 2. o97dtfix.exe If anyone here has these files could you please point me somewhere where I can download them, or could you possibly upload your files somewhere so I can download...
  5. S

    Msi865pe neo2-v

    Hello, i can not use all of the usb port on the msi865peneo-2-v motherboard. i have installed all of usb drivers on windows me. but i have problem please help me
  6. magnus71

    Using shared folders in virtualbox

    i had a VM of windows me....wanted to run turbo c which i have on my hard drive. how do i do that? i use virtualbox.
  7. boss_nate

    New Operating System

    Alright guys, so here I am, I have had this dream since I first used Windows ME, I want to program my own operating system, now before you go and say "ARE YOU ******* CRAZY?!" no, I am not, I've compiled a complete Linux From Scratch system with bare minimum packages more than once, and even...
  8. G

    Toshiba Satellite SP 4270 Treiber

    I need to find the Windows ME Device Drivers but i didnt found them,maybe someone else knows where the are to find.
  9. A

    office 2000 in Windows ME?

    Could office 2000 work in Windows Me.thanks
  10. G

    Windows ME, PCI Bus Master, Intel 430TX chipset

    I just upgraded my computer to Windows ME. I get a yellow exclamation point under the device manager on my Primary Hard Disk Controller. How do I get the device to work properly?