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  1. C

    Solved! Mrocrosoft Probook 6565b -- Noisy and HOT

    i have a microsot probook 65656b and the thing sounds like its gonna explode near the fan area. it gets relatively hot sometimes, it began running slow now and kinda lagging and freezing at times. the noise just started but has prgressively gotten louder and im beginning to worry cause theres a...
  2. A

    My Surface Pro 2 RT 8.1 is stuck in the auto repair cycle

    As mentioned, my Surface Pro 2 (Windows RT 8.1) has gotten stuck in the auto repair cycle of death. Luckily I don't have any important files on that computer. I would love some fix advice, what causes it, and whether or not it is 100% nesecary to go in and have it serviced. Thanks!
  3. S

    Windows RT (Dell) password recovery

    I have a windows RT (Dell) running on windows 8.1 I am looking for a way to recover my password for the local account. i have tried a password recovery ISO that i have burned to a USB and tried booting the system from usb but that isnt working. is there any other around this.
  4. T

    Everytime I plug in my mouse my computer freaks out.

    When I plug my GE dual scroll optical mouse whatever I open closes. If I try to go on another webpage it redirects me back to my homepage.
  5. Acclaim Academy Tech Squad

    A way to monitor students activites using MDM

    We have school issued tablets that run Windows RT and the Tablet is called a Windows Surface (The Original). We need a way to monitor the students while they are at school and using School wifi to insure they are doing what they are supposed to do and the way we want to find is a MDM solution...
  6. N

    How to disable Touch Screen on Surface

    Hi, My name is Nicholas I am the head of the IT squad at my charter and the "Actual" IT technician that is paid salary from the school has asked me to try and see if there is a way to disable the touch screens as we have the mouse pads and because some of our Cadet's Tablets screens crack and...
  7. D

    Looking to buy a Tablet for school

    1. Is This Your First Time Buying A Tablet? Yes 2. Do you already have an operating system in mind? If so specify (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows RT, Windows 8, etc) --- My uses for the tablet are going to be mostly school related, so I was thinking Windows RT so I can have office but at...
  8. G

    Are Windows 8.1's Security Improvements Worth the Upgrade?

    Windows 8.1 added significant security enhancements, but how much difference will they make for the average end user? Are Windows 8.1's Security Improvements Worth the Upgrade? : Read more
  9. J

    Should I get the Microsoft Surface RT 32 GB for $349 or the ASUS Transformerbook T100 for $374

    I am currently looking for a tablet since my main computer is an i7 2700K computer running Windows 8.1 and I need one that runs either Windows RT or another 8.1 tablet to sync my files using Skydrive to take notes at campus and to surf the web/check email. The two tablets that interest me...
  10. D

    Just got surface RT. LOVE IT!! Why all the hate?

    Hi all, I just picked up Surface RT on the price drop ($350) with the touch cover ($90). I was very apprehensive due to all of the negative press and that I already have an iPad, but I was too curious to resist. I have to say that I am absolutely in love with this thing. Hardware: Screen...
  11. wolfman72

    Dell xps 10 windows rt or nexus 7

    Is it worth changing my HP slate 7 for a Dell xps tablet or nexus 7? The new tablet will be funded by selling the HP slate 7 and my evga graphics card 660 superclocked. I have windows 8 on my PC and like it also I have a windows phone 8 620. The only problem is lack of apps I buy mags on Google...